Age Difference


22 year old woman, 36 year old man?

What do you folks think? When is the age gap just TOO large to even consider?


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stephwilliam11@gmail.com198 days ago

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0PINI0NATED1over a year ago

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18 year GAP

Everyone has their own taste. I can date a man regardless of age as long as we come clean about our past, we learn eachother inside and out and we really take the time to ask the questions that we sometimes don't want the answer to. Relationships are all about compromise. We are both consenting adults, who happen to be attracted to one another. WITH compromise, respect and patience my boyfriend (18 years my senior) and I have grown to have a worthy and meaningful relationship. SO I hope you went for it. <3

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thetitansover a year ago

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Age gaps are not significant

I don't understand why people focus so much on age gaps. An age gap is just a number. If the two people are seem to get along, can respect each other, and enjoy each other's company then who cares. I think age gaps are just ways for people to make excuses or ridicule others. If everyone just focused on true human interaction and not outside factors then we'd have a lot more successful relationships.

I say go for it and focus on the person not the age.

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Fork in Road

Fork in Roadover a year ago

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If the two people love each and are comp...

If the two people love each and are compatible then age shouldn't be an issue. Usually the biggest challenge to overcome is the people around you. Everyone seems to give their two cents and have an opinion on the relationship. Another challenge is the friends. Although the two of you might get along and be a perfect match, not all 22 year olds are mature enough for 36 year olds and not many 36 year olds can accept a 22 year old.

So to sum things up...I think age is definitely not a number between two people who are very much into each other. However, the others around them can create the problem that is unbearable.

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starangelover a year ago

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Age gaps can become a problem if a coupl...

Age gaps can become a problem if a couple lets it... and it's usually due to outside influnce. What matters is if you and your significant other are comfortable with that age gap and are happy in the relationship.

Personally I wouldn't date someone with that large of a gap, but that's my acceptable age range. It's about what works for each person.

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scarlettewiththeropeover a year ago

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To me the only problem with an age diffe...

To me the only problem with an age difference is if the people have nothing in common. I've almost always dated men older than me, because I just happened to have more in common with guys who were at least a little older. I was raised to be very open to all the possibilities; my mother is married to a guy 15 years younger than her, and it hasn't been a problem at all. A lot of people mature at different rates, so when I was 18 I found 18 year old guys insanely boring, annoying, and clingy; at this age I was usually dating 22-28 year olds. Now that I'm 22, I find that there are a lot more guys closer to my age who are interesting, so it's more like 21-35 year olds. I once dated a guy who was 50, because he had traveled a lot and told the most interesting stories! It didn't work for more than a few dates, but I was willing to give it a shot.

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Rayover a year ago

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Great deal for him, bad idea for you. ...

Great deal for him, bad idea for you.

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Black Iris

Black Irisover a year ago

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People of different ages can have relati...

People of different ages can have relationships. There are just some challenges you should consider if you stay together.

1) Health - at some point in the far future, he might not be able to do as much as you, including in bed. He could also leave you a widow at a relatively young age.

2) Life stage - when do you want to have kids? where are you at in your education and careers? do you want to date more people before you settle down?

3) Equality - do you feel equal to him? are you able to stand up to him in an argument? do you defer to his opinions more than you should?

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SaraMonsterover a year ago

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it's a bit much for a long term relation...

it's a bit much for a long term relationship but def. not for a fling. Sounds fun!! been there done that.

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SaraMonsterover a year ago

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it's a bit much for a long term relation...

it's a bit much for a long term relationship but def. not for a fling. Sounds fun!! been there done that.

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dragonflyover a year ago

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The age difference is too big when you h...

The age difference is too big when you have nothing in common, nothing to talk about, and you're uncomfortable with each other's friends.

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Kyle Miracle

Kyle Miracleover a year ago

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Age gap is not a concern unless you make...

Age gap is not a concern unless you make it one. I'm 23 and I've dated women ages 18 - 45. And when I'm 45 I plan on dating in the same age range. The only thing effected by age are a little bit of logistics, sometimes, and those are usually easy to work around.

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steveo7over a year ago

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Yea that's a bit too much. Age differenc...

Yea that's a bit too much. Age difference though is kinda strange. Its not really about the difference between the ages as much as it about the ages themselves (wow, that probably sounds confusing)...what I mean is that a 14 year age difference probably isn't too acceptable when the the ages are 22 and 36....but its a different story when we're talking about a 44 and 58 year old.

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