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What foods should you never eat on a date??

I'd love to hear your thoughts....

I typically try to stay away from really garlicy or spicy foods on a date. Unless it's someone I've been seeing for a little while, I don't want to go in on a first kiss tasting and smelling like garlic or hot sauce

Joe Cool

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theomusiiiover a year ago

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Beware the saucy

I think as far as ingredients go "strong breath" items are not a complete no no (if you're Italian like me, the smell of Garlic is not entirely unplesant) But within reason and depending on the person, obviously.

I think the biggest danger comes from the rogue element: sauce.
Pasta is fine until the sauce goes crazy, smears on your face, and gets on your tie. If you're lucky, you'll come off as cute or something, but at worst, you look goofy.

Similarly, a messy sandwich or finger food should be considered a possibility only if you're both ordering something in that vein.

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HomeBoyover a year ago

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Studley Do Right....I totally agree. Th...

Studley Do Right....I totally agree. That scene definitely comes to mind when answering this question. I've luckily never been in that position but wow I can only imagine how uncomfortable that would be.

I think you stay away from anything to edgy. If you're someone who loves eating something REALLY weird...maybe hold off on doing that until you get to know each other a little better. I knew someone who liked to dip their fries in their coke and to each their own but you might want to save that for a different time then a date. Good chance you weird out and gross out your date.

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JillOfFandomsover a year ago

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Also, try not to eat anything she's alle...

Also, try not to eat anything she's allergic to. Any date that ends in the hospital is bad one.

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Studley Do Right

Studley Do Rightover a year ago

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Gotta love the scene in the movie Along ...

Gotta love the scene in the movie Along Came Polly with Ben Stiller when he goes on a date to a Indian restaurant and ends having to take a shit at his date's house....that's what this question reminds me of....I tried to find a clip of it but I couldn't...if you watch it, you'll know what can happen if you don't play your cards right with what you eat on a date

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oohlookasquirrelover a year ago

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On the day of the date, make sure you're...

On the day of the date, make sure you're not eating anything that is probably going to give you gas or an upset stomach. Everybody has different sensitivities to foods, so I won't list any, but you should know what makes you sick or gassy and bloated. It's probably a bad idea to try foods you've never had before right before or during a date because you don't know how you'll react.

If there's a chance that you might get intimate, you should probably avoid foods that might make your bodily fluids smell or taste bad, like asparagus, lots of garlic, coffee, etc. Of course, the best way to taste better is to make it a habit to avoid those things (plus cigarettes, red meat, lots of sugary and processed foods, etc.), but eating right on the day of a date can't hurt.

oh, and I should hope that this would be common sense, but make sure you wash your hands between dinner and sex, especially if you've been having finger foods. Sugary or spicy things should not get inside a woman's underwear.

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