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Finding No-Strings-Attached Sex using the Web

Have any ladies out there used one of the casual hookup sites, like Online Booty Call, Fling, or even Craigslist casual encounters -- to find No-Strings-Attach (NSA) sex? Was it everything you thought it would be? Different? Better? Not so much? What's your story and what was it like?


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LilyzRear260 days ago

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Supto Sexting

I've used for some random sexting in the past. It's free and easy to use, and gets me what I want pretty quickly most of the time.
Sometimes I'm ashamed after, but I find myself going back again and again and deep down I love it.

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Andreadreamover a year ago

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Try I use it it's free and have had luck with it

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Simone de Boudoir

Simone de Boudoirover a year ago

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Well considering I am the laziest human ...

Well considering I am the laziest human being alive, I use the web ALL THE TIME to find NSA hookups. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I generally use Craigslist for finding dudes for one night stands. I use OkCupid to find guys I'd actually consider dating.

Sometimes it's awesome and sometimes it's not, but regardless it's an experience and gives me a hilarious repetoire to pull from when telling people stories.

Here's the most recent hookup from Craiglist. It was the first time I slept with a Sikh (well also the first time I've spoken to one). That was cool because I love learning about other beliefs and cultures (he's from Northern India). Also, I was horrified to learn that one of the reasons he doesn't wrap his hair often is because of the number of comments he gets about being a dirty terrorist. Fucking people. The state of the world disgusts me somedays (most days, all days, but I try to be positive! Ha).

Anyway, he was sweet, and funny and intelligent and I had a really good time with him. We had a lot in common and I found his PhD thesis fascinating. The sex is not what I would normally go for (soft, gentle, "nice" type lovemaking) but it was so different from what I usually go for that I enjoyed the novelty.

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Serendipityover a year ago

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I was a little reluctant to admit it, bu...

I was a little reluctant to admit it, but I am a woman who has experimented (a few times) with sites for NSA sex.

I started with craigslist and from there went on to (best experience so far) where I actually was able to find a great guy. He didn't live in my immediate area, but he was willing to do some light travel, which I thought was perfect. We talked online a bit and got to know eachother. We agreed on meeting at a luxury hotel since I had no intention on continuing a relationship.

The sex was amazing and I don't regret using the net to find someone for a hookup. I used all sorts of safety precautions (just in case) and told a friend where I would be.

The fact that using websites for flings is so forbidden to most makes me enjoy the thrill even more... I think if more people did a little experimenting, they would find it just as satisfying as I have!

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shannyover a year ago

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Not something I've told many people abou...

Not something I've told many people about, but I did use craigslist for a random hookup out of curiosity. I had always looked on the website and read other people's ads for men seeking women and vice versa.. and out of boredom and curiosity I responded to a guy's ad saying he was looking for someone in my age group and in my area of the city. We talked online first and agreed that we would meet at his apartment because I didn't feel comfortable with him knowing where I lived. I let one friend (who I knew wouldn't be judgmental!) know exactly where he lived and at what time I'd be going there. I promised that I would call her as soon as I left his place. I really feel like if you're going to do something like this, you need to have a safety plan so that someone knows where you are. You don't want to think something bad could come from this, but you just never know and it's better to be safe about it. We hooked up a little but didn't actually have sex - there just wasn't a connection and I couldn't go through with it. It felt awkward and forced. He was luckily understanding and I left after an about an hour, and we never spoke again!! I thought it could be exciting and somewhat rebellious but soon realized that even if I'm going to hook up with someone and not expect a relationship.. I still need to be attracted to the person and need some time to build a flirtatious relationship. I'm still all about NSA hookups, but would rather it come from meeting someone at a bar and going home with them rather than responding to someone's ad who I really don't have any information on.

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sexpertover a year ago

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Okay, I will admit, I'm one of those gir...

Okay, I will admit, I'm one of those girls who have used the internet to find online booty calls. I just used a regular dating site, (love it!) and posted that NSA sex was something that I was possibly interested in, with the right person.

Coming from a girl's perspective (although most guys will probably also agree with me), safety was of utmost importance. I made my demands clear at the beginning (things like condom only, not BDSM the first time out, etc). and found that it was much easier to negotiate these things online. When you are online, and can see someone's profile, you can figure out if you can stand to be around this person for more than five minutes. Just because you are not looking for a long term relationship doesn't mean that you want to sleep with a jerk.

I think there is a myth out there that says that if you are interested in NSA sex, that you are undiscerning in your choice of partners. I am very picky with my NSA sexual encounters. I need certain things from my sexual encounters, such as safety, respect, a certain degree of physical attraction, and to have a certain amount of respect for the person that I am sleeping with.

I find that it is easier for me to determine the compatibility between myself and a potential partner online vs at a party, or in a bar. It also allows me to make a more objective and rational decision as to whether it's a good idea to have sex with this person, vs when I am drunk/intoxicated, or caught up in the moment at a party.

So, what is my actual story? My first online NSA sexual experience was with someone who I met online and was considering dating, however, after the first hour or two of our first date, it was obvious that we had a physical connection (I have a SERIOUS thing for soliders), but not an emotional connection. We were not going to fall in love. So, we decided together that we were going to have a 'fling' and have safer sex together, but with no emotional commitments. It was a very positive sexual experience for me, because there was a high degree of honesty and communication. I was able to ask for exactly what I needed, and he was able to be honest with me about what his expectations and desires were. Overall, a very healthy, empowering, and reaffirming experience.

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