The Meaning of Dating


"We're dating"..what does it really mean?

I've always wondered this. I feel like the term "dating" is very ambiguous and it seems like there is a lot of different views on this. When two people say "we're dating" what exactly does that mean? What are the rules? Can you see other people? if not then why not just call it a relationship? Guys, Girls, what are your thoughts?


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Albedoover a year ago

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To me you are dating someone if you have...

To me you are dating someone if you have been on dates with them in the past and plan to continue that in the relatively near future.

As far as exclusivity, commitment and other baggage that may be associated with titles; they are a'la carte, if you want them they should be discussed with the person you are dating.

One interesting side effect of my definition is that you could be in a serious longterm relationship with someone and not be dating them. I find this interesting because dating is a lot of fun and can be made even more exciting with someone you really trust and care about.

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LondonLadyover a year ago

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To me, dating means a couple have starte...

To me, dating means a couple have started seeing each other, spending time together, but not yet far enough along to be in an ecvlusive relationship.
In other words, you only met recently and are still getting to know each other.
It doesn't mean you can't go on dates with other people. That comes later, IF the 2 people are compatible and choose to move to the next level.

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emmieisayetiover a year ago

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oh, i am so in the same boat with you. ...

oh, i am so in the same boat with you. hahaha...

i agree with dc86 -- it probably varies. i'm currently dating someone i've liked for a year. we have very strong feelings for each other, but we lived in different states till now, and we're just getting the chance to try things out.

i think that dating is primarily the following:
-if you've just met someone, it's a way to feel them out and get to know them
-a way to see if you are romantically compatible
-a way to pass the time between those times you just know you've met someone special ( me a cynic, but i'm pretty sure a lot of people just date for the sake of having something to do)

i think the rules are preeeetty fuzzy, but here's what i think at least ought to be on the list:
-if you're just going on dates, you can see other people.
-if you're not having sex (this includes sexual activity outside intercourse), you can see other people by default.
-once sex enters the picture with someone, they earn the right to know if you are seeing others, as well as the right to request exclusivity. or, you know. not. but if you agree to keep having sex and have sex with other people, both partners have that right.

if you talk about it and decide to not see other people, i'd say that IS a relationship...but i'm one to talk. i'm not seeing anyone else, and neither is the guy i'm dating, but we haven't made it official yet. in our case, we're just taking it a day at a time, because both of our lives are still sort of coalescing here, and we don't want to rush things (although we both are pretty sure this will get serious). that said, we are in an intimate relationship, so i basically think it's all there but the label, and that'll come in time.

dating terminology makes my head spin. i think a lot of the time it's a way to define the situation to well as an attempt to clear up any ambiguity, but the terms are so damn ambiguous anyway that it doesn't serve the latter very well.

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Gorgoover a year ago

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someone broke it down for me a few month...

someone broke it down for me a few months ago. if you're dating, you're in a relationship. anything else is just "kickin it"

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Tulipsover a year ago

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Yeah, eff dating and whatever the hell i...

Yeah, eff dating and whatever the hell it means.

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dc86over a year ago

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I think that's a really complicated ques...

I think that's a really complicated question and that's probably why you don't know what it could mean. It is different for every person. I think that when someone says "we're dating" it is because they want to be able to see other people and don't want it to be considered to serious, but are still interested.. Or they just got out of a relationship so they don't want to get into something too fast, so dating is more casual. I personally think that if you want a relationship with someone and they wont just say "You're my boyfriend/girlfriend" they don't like you enough, ( I have a feeling people will disagree with that, just my opinion ) or there are other things involved that just aren't going to change. So if you are okay with it not being serious then it shouldn't matter what the "title" is. But everyone still seems to care...

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