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Big city dating: Easier? Harder? No Difference?

So I grew up in a small old style New England type of town. About an hour outside of Boston actually. Everyone in the town somewhat knows each other or knows of each other.

I now live in a suburb of Boston but still not in the heart of the city. I was wondering what people think. Do you think it's easier to date in a large city where there's tons of people or do you think it's easier to date in a small town where you get to know everyone and all about them? Or maybe you think that where you are isn't what matters but more who you are that matters?

What's your opinion?


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thetitansover a year ago

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I really think it's harder to date in a big city if you're not from there

If you're not originally from a big city, especially the one that you're currently living in, I think it's a lot harder to date. Here's my reasoning...

1. The mass amounts of people in a big city can sometimes be misleading. Lots of people think that when they move to a big city they will meet tons of people and it will be like college campus all over again. Wrong. Big cities can be extremely intimidating and often times very hard to meet people. If you don't know anyone already, then it's easy to feel like just a number or statistic. Nobody knows you and nobody cares because there's another 2 million people in the area. It's tough to find your niche when first moving to a big city and let's be honest....most people meet their significant others through friends and family and not by picking up someone at the bar

2. Once you do find your niche and a significant other, it's hard to have a good dating life. Sure there's endless things to do as far as dates go but the lifestyle isn't all that easy going. It's tough to get around, it's hectic, you don't always have a ton of privacy, and there's tons of distractions. Hopefully your a loyal, non-cheating person who can tame your desires because in a big city, there's always going to be someone around who is attractive and intriguing.

Remember that the above is based on someone who has never lived in a big city before or has never lived in the current big city that they're in.

I'm sure people who grew up and lived their whole life in a city like New York absolutely love it and know no different. In that case, I'm sure it's awesome.

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