in two minds

Im a 40 year old married man who has a beautiful wife aged 43. We look after ourselves so we look younger than our ages. We are financialy quite well off so no problems there. For some time now my wife and i have grown apart and we are not communicating properly. We keep it up for the kids sake but something is wrong. I love my wife and im sure she still loves me but we have got lost along the way. It all started when I found a secret phone she hides away. I asked her about it and she got mad saying things like " why are you spying on me" etc etc She says she got it to speak to some of her friends for free who are on the same carrier. So why didnt she tell me about it. When I asked her to put my mind at ease and let me have a look at it she refused. She seemed really nervous. Other things have also made me suspect she is upto something. Such as she shaves her privates which she did do in the past but not as meticulous or as regularly as she does now. Sometimes when I enter the room she is in she will quickly hide something. Also during sex she has recently deep throated me which was amazing but she has never done it before. She has also tried some new sex positions. The thing is my wife has never been adventurous during sex so this is why im surprised along with the other things. I have tried in the past to spice things up in bed by talking about fantasies etc but she refuses and says she wants to keep it simple. I have no problem with that until recently. Its driving me crazy thinking about what she could be up to and I have turned to watching porn in a big way. Im ashamed to say it but when i watch porn and see wifes being fXXXXX by other guys it turns me on. I have tried to speak to my wife asking her why she has this phone and even if she is seeing someone then she can tell me and we can try to sort our problems and that i will forgive her she says nothing is going on but she doesnt sound convincing. So my question is........Should i get a detective to follow her? The thing is even if she is seeing someone and I confront her with proof , and if she tells me she doesnt want to stop I want to tell her that I want to watch and maybe join in. Or is this a mistake? Has anybody chosen to go down this path and what was the outcome?


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