Don't ever give up on finding someone...

Earlier today I was out to lunch with an old high school friend and his parents. We were talking about my current girlfriend, how we met, and all that stuff. Eventually my friend's parents started talking about how they might and it made me realize how you should never give up finding someone.

My friend's Dad was in the military until he was 28. Back then if you joined the military you tried to get married before you left for duty because you never knew if or when you would come back. Well he didn't have a girlfriend when he left and the military didn't provide the best lifestyle for meeting one while he was active.

Eventually he finished up the military at age 28 and got a regular job. The problem was that all the girls he knew prior to service either got married or he lost touch with. All his friends from home had gotten married. He thought he'd never meet anyone.

You have to remember this is a time when you're an outcast if you weren't married by 25. Plus there was no online dating or anything like that. Most people married someone they met in high school, college, in the neighborhood, at work, or through family and friends. Well he thought he stood no chance.

Then one day he was outside his apartment building have a smoke when a really pretty younger girl had just arrived to move in. She had no one to help her with all her stuff and she knew absolutely no one in the city. He helped her move in and next thing you know they ended up spending a lot of time together.

Fast forward to the future and they're now married and the parents to my best friend from high school.

I thought it was an awesome story and especially for people who are single and down in the dumps. I'm not one for romance stories and when I see a movie like "The Notebook" I feel like it's just a bunch of Hollywood nonsense. But after hearing this story today from people I've known my whole life, it made me realize that great fairy tale endings can happen in real life too. It really put a smile on my face and in a great mood.

So keep your heads up and enjoy life as it is. Someone will come and sweep away when you're not even expecting it (like when your standing outside and having a smoke)


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