Ladies, tell the guys your version..will ya?

The three part question that I asked the guys..has a girl version, I think.
Thinking in the long haul, which roles do you think are more important for your man?
All of them would be perfect, but your man has to better at some than others..order these:
A. Protector
B. Provider
C. Good Friend


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scarlettewiththeropeover a year ago

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See I gotta say, I read both versions of...

See I gotta say, I read both versions of this question, and I have no way to answer it! I think the options given are very biased to a traditional view of gender roles. If I HAD to pick one role that is most important in my man it's his role as lover.

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sexpertover a year ago

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I think a good friend is a good provider...

I think a good friend is a good provider, and you can't really provide for someone without protecting them a little, and you can't really protect someone without providing a little, so what about all of the above?

If you are asking for what qualities I need in a guy/girl, I need someone who is a decent person, and you need all these qualities in order to be decent. If you make me laugh and are fun to hang out with, but don't want to take care of me when I'm sick, then I'm not going to want to date you. You need to have all three (and more) together, and its the combination that is attractive.

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blueyes20over a year ago

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Tough question....I think this changes w...

Tough question....I think this changes with age and where you're at in your life...

But I think I would say:

A. Good Friend
B. Provider
C. Protector.

To me having someone as a good friend is the most important, and I think most men will act somewhat as a protector so I valued that last. Provider is definitely important as well...but again, later on in life (marriage, kids, etc..)

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