Girls who have had 3-somes...tell us your stories???

My overall goal in life is not to have a 3-some with two girls, but I would be lying to say that it's not something on my bucket list. I'd love to hear from girls who have been in a 3-some with another girl and a guy and hear how they ended up in that situation. What made you comfortable with it? How did it play out? What did it take for you to be down with it?

I always hear these stupid stories in magazines about them and a lot of times it's from man who claim they had one and how they claim they got it to happen. Enough with that bullshit. I want to hear directly from a woman who has first hand experience.

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avatarover a year ago

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a beautiful thing

My man loves me so much he would let the green bay packers in bed with us if this is what I wanted. But he is the man of my dreams, and can fix that fantasy with his own amazing skills and the aids of toys! But I also love women. I have a strong mistrust of women also, (mother issues) the woman I would pick for an ffm would have to be completely trustworthy as well as attractive enough for me and my sweetie. It was all my idea, complelely spontaneous. Turned out though that she and I were the main course, and she was not interested in him so much...which works out perfectly. He was nervous as to what to do, not knowing this woman (very old friend of mine visiting from out of town)...but he rode with it and enjoyed the view. funny thing though. My man gets a hard on as soon as he and I start kissing usually...he is so hot. But did not get a hard on at all during this whole thing even when she was watching me pleasure him. But as soon as she fell asleep in the bed, and he and I started, the old tree trunk was back and he was able to do his thing with me. we did not get wild, as my girlfriend is a lot more gentle than he and I are in bed. It was a lot about gentle, tantric relations. My man was well aware that I was the focus and he felt I deserved all of it. I think the key is to know that you and your man are rock solid in love and not just in lust. And that it is the woman's idea. An FFM is when the two females are the focus. An FMF is when the man is the focus. I look forward to the day I can come upon a woman whom I trust enough and who is attractive enough to slather all our attentions upon my man. He is my king and he deserves it. Even though he said, "I think that she was really into you, not me", he still said, "I feel so much more in love with you than ever before (how can that be possible!) and I loved watching you be the aggressor." He loved the way I seduced her and saw another side of me which made him see me as even more of a goddess than before. He definitely wants to try this again in any form, of course only at my behest. He states I am so much woman he never gets bored....but he loves to watch me go to new heights. I am eager to see how he will feel when two beauties are pleasuring him. But that will take a very special trustworthy woman to come along whom I know will not intrude upon our relationship IN ANY WAY. I also did this because my girlfriend has just been through a divorce and her libido and confidence took a dive...I thought this might be a way for her to get back up on the horse, so to speak. And that was successful as well...the next day she was so happy that she felt horny for the first time in an entire year! I still am trying to introduce her to worthy men.....So be careful, make sure you're truly in love, and talk about the ideas well in advance of even finding a partner to share with.....talking about it before he's even met your foxy friend is best. Make sure he's doing it for you, and your'e doing it for him, and that it is either spiritual or pure sport. I have lots of experience with this in my life with has always worked well within these types of parameters.

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Simone de Boudoir

Simone de Boudoirover a year ago

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I've had two FFM, and two MMF, and one f...

I've had two FFM, and two MMF, and one foursome.

Since you only asked about FFM, that's what I'll talk about. The first one was with another couple and I was the independent third. I think I picked them up off CL, but I'm not positive, it was awhile ago. I met them for drinks first, and then we went back to their place and played some naughty dice game where we quickly lost all our clothes and things went from there. It was a good experience, and quite frankly, it was super hot to be making out with her and fondling her breasts while her boyfriend jacked off all over my breasts, and I don't even consider myself bisexual these days (I go with evolving).

Honestly and truthfully, threesomes aren't for me, and not because they aren't fun, they're just a lot of work and there is too much going on for me all at once. I get paranoid that I'm ignoring someone or that someone is left out and then that kind of thinking takes over and the pleasure goes right out the window.

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COLTORover a year ago

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I just wanna take a minute here to plug ...

I just wanna take a minute here to plug The Guide to Getting it on. It has a chapter for just about everything, including threesomes. I suggest you pick one up.

As for threesomes. I can't say that it's working as my threesome cherry has yet to be popped, but my girlfriend and I are very open about our sexual rules with all of our friends. Almost all of our friends know that we "let" each other have sex with whomever we want as long as we aren't bringing back any STDs or babies. They also know that we are looking for a third person (man or woman) who wants to be part of a threesome. We really don't care what people think or what they say behind our backs. Hopefully the word gets out.

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sexpertover a year ago

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I am pansexual, so threesomes are a nice...

I am pansexual, so threesomes are a nice way for me to get to experiment with both guys and girls at the same time (in a fmf case). I'll try not to repeat the very good points already said about making sex safe, and ensuring consent.

I like to talk to my partners before hand. I like to ask what they are into, what turns them on, and especially what turns them off! For example, I really don't like it when people do degrading dirty talk. I don't like being called a whore. However, I do like spanking and my partners don't have to be gentle. Getting everyone's do's and don'ts on the table before hand is really important, since there can be a lot of unspoken pressure during a threesome to be okay with what is going on. It can be hard to say "don't do that" when you are with just one partner, but even harder when they are two partners doing it.

I also find that talking about it before hand helps keeps it clear what the emotional connections/ties are. After my first threesome, the girl involved asked my bf if they could have sex together... without me there. I was not pleased about that. If you are a couple looking for a third in a threesome, make your choice very carefully. You both have to be comfortable with the third, attracted to that person enough that you won't be turned off if that person is there, and also comfortable with each other's level of attraction.

If you are a third being invited into a couple's bed, know that you are there for an adventure, some pleasure, some fun, but no more (unless stated otherwise). Be a good guest in their bed, and know when it's time to leave. Also, be a good friend and do a debrief a day or two afterward. If everyone is happy with how it went, another threesome may be in the works. If there were issues with comfort, chemistry, or jealousy, it's best to hold off on another playful excursion.

Threesomes also tend to have a different feel in terms of motivations. You tend to change position more, there is more emphasis on oral and manual stimulation, and you are constantly looking to see who needs pleasuring. It's a very giving experience. I find the best threesome partners are those that give continually. If you are a guy interested in a fmf threesome, don't think you are going to sit there while two woman work you over (unless they both agree that's what they want to do beforehand). Threesomes are a lot of work, but I think they can be fun, sexy, and a positive experience for all involved.

If you are wondering how to get into a threesome... I wouldn't count on them just spontaneously happening. It's true, sometimes that does happen, but alcohol is often involved, and ground rules aren't often laid out in advance, and this can lead to trouble. If you are fwb with a girl, or dating a girl, and would like to have a threesome, ask her! She may already have a few friends lined up...

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BevZabover a year ago

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First-hand experience, you say? Oooookk...

First-hand experience, you say? Oooookkaaay...

I can't say I'm bi, but I do like sex that involves another woman...and a lot! When I think of sex, I think of cocks first, coochies second.

That said, I've had a few threesomes, FMF and MFM. The key to either is comfort. If everyone isn't comfortable with everyone, don't even start. Me and my GF had already been FWBs a few times, so when the M-friend joked that "We should have a threesome," we laughed and pretty much pounced him on the spot. So, if he wrote a letter to some magazine, yeah, that happened. ^_^

With MFM, the two guys both said "we wanna do you," and I wasn't sure at first...because two guys are always freaky around each other--like if their ankles touch, for even a second, they're like "WHOA DUDE I'M NOT LIKE THAT!" Please. Get of your homophobic selves--you expect girls to open-mouth deep-throat kiss at the drop of a shot of tequila and a wet-tee shirt contest, but you can't rub butts with some dude friend? I"m not asking you to give him oral, but COME ON!

Worst case scenario: Forcing it on her/them. If they're not at least a little curious, then this show is all for you, not for them, and you're going to have a very unsatisfying time.

Best case scenario: three good friends having a nice bit of playtime, with no plans or ulterior motives. Maybe a glass of wine--not drunk, just relaxed--and enjoy what comes (hah, yeah, I said it!). I think it's best if there's no preexisting "relationship," just some FWBs trying out some new fun.

And guys, rule of thumb: if you change girls OR HOLES, you change condoms. So have a lot handy, and keep that rascal wrapped! No one wants your STI or your baby, OK?

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