In praise of male pubic hair

I'm sure there are women who like a guy to shave off all of his pubic hair, but I wanted to speak up for those of us who are horrified by the growing trend of "mangroomer" products for below the belt. A male friend who was hitting on me once informed me that earlier that day, he had shaved his balls for me. I was amused because he thought he was going to entice me or something, but I was actually repulsed by the idea. Now you probably watch porn and see all those guys with no hair whatsoever, but they've been shaving for the camera. They have makeup artists and professional waxers, and they never show the stubble you get between shaves. I have a hard time watching porn because the hairless guys look so bizarre and pre-pubescent to me. It is a huge turnoff, I kid you not.

For the average guy who would be shaving on his own and has hair on his stomach and ass, where do you stop shaving? Wouldn't it look weird to have a bald crotch with stomach hair and hairy thighs right next to it? You'd have to be relatively hairless to begin with or shave most of your midsection to make that work.

Now, I will admit that I would appreciate some trimming and removing of any stray hairs for the sake of oral sex, especially if you expect your balls to be in someone's mouth at any point. But I am used to the occasional stray hair in my mouth during oral sex, and I love to give head anyway, even without any trimming and even when I get a hair or two loose in my mouth. Pause, remove, continue. Big deal.

You do not have to shave to be considerate of your partners. I know you might appreciate a shaved pussy because a woman has hair a lot closer to the parts she wants to be licked, but the shaft is pretty hairless.

Plus, pubic hair helps me get off! I like to rub my clit against a guy's pubic bone area when I'm on top during sex. There is generally enough hair there to provide a little padding, but a clean-shaven guy would have to keep that area lubed up to avoid rubbing one or both partners raw and potentially exacerbating any razor burn that is bound to happen now and again from pube shaving. If I couldn't rub myself against a guy's pubes, I would have a more difficult time getting off. And I cringe to think about how male pubic stubble would feel against my clit (here's a hint: little tiny needles in the most sensitive area of your body).

If it makes you feel sexy and you like the feel of it, go ahead and shave. But I want you to know that you are not being rude to keep your pubes, and most women will be absolutely fine with them. Don't believe the ads that tell you to shave if you want to be sexy! They're just trying to sell you stuff!


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MC423over a year ago

It's good to hear a lady's opinion on this. Not many people will openly say what they like. Or I feel like a lot of girls say they like it shaved but I never know if they say it because they are afraid of others saying, "are you crazy? you like hair down there?" I guess that's the cool thing about this site is that I can really hear a woman's thoughts.

I trim up until the point where it would still be classified as hair and not as stubble. To be honest, I don't enjoy stubble on a girl. I rather have a clean perfect shave or a trim. Stubble is just creepy and it looks gross too. A clean and taken care of area with hair looks more groomed then stubble. Stubble actually looks like you didn't take care of your area.


kentohioover a year ago

No one really likes a mouthful of hair. Totally bald is strange on a man, though.


scarlettewiththeropeover a year ago

I actually really prefer clean shaven... I had an upsetting experience once with getting a hair stuck in my teeth! I could never enjoy going down on that guy again! So gross.


Vivienneover a year ago

Out of all options I think I prefer trimmed and clean, but definitely not shaved and especially not the balls. It's kind of a matter of equal effort in my case. I make sure I keep things clean and fairly short because I know my guy secretly appreciates it, so I guess I hope he'll have the same courtesy.


S_Jerusalemover a year ago

I have tried the shave, wax and trim. I find the feeling of the waxed is best, and by far the sexiest. Shaving really sucks, especially if one has a thick grain because the stubble is death. I don't really like the bare look, though. Something odd about it.

My opinion of a good standard (male and female) is fully trimmed 1/8"-1/4". Present, not too short to abrade but not long enough to get in the way of anything. Really, the only thing I found superior was having waxed balls. That was all I found to really add anything sensation-wise. Maybe that is just because they get more attention hairless.


GAblueeyesover a year ago

In the past, I have trimmed and have gotten mixed comments. Some women like it and some do not. I now shave my balls and around my manhood and like the feeling of it.

For a woman, I prefer trimmed or shaved. I enjoy pulling (with not too much tugging) her hair and most like the feeling of it.


drozeboom1over a year ago

I shave frequently, and because me and my fiance dont go at it like rabbits everyday(unfortunately) I am pretty good about being fresh the night we make love. i have a habit of shaving my balls because if i dont i get GRAY hairs, that are long and stragely, that turn myself off

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