Women - Baby Wipes are your Friend!

So women, you know when you're about to get hot and heavy with someone, and guess what - there might even be some oral sex in it for you! Great! Except that you're going to have a face down there. A face that can see, and smell, and taste. It's been 12 hours since you showered. You've probably used the bathroom at some point since you showered. How do you smell? How clean are you?

Time for Baby Wipes to save the day! There are "feminine hygiene cloths" out there, but really, these are just baby wipes, only more expensive. Baby wipes are amazing for cleaning up "down there", and everywhere! Maybe you feel a little sweaty and sticky (anywhere on your body). A quick wipe with a baby cloth, and you can stop that sweatiness from turning into stinkiness. There are also baby wipes that can be flushed down the toilet, and it's something that doesn't have to be used strickly for personal hygiene. If you have a small travel pack in your purse, you can use it to clean up messes that happen along the day (sticky fingers from flavoured chips, a mascara diaster, ink on your fingers, etc).

Baby wipes are affordable, can come in travel packs, can be scented or unscented, are great for personal hygiene as well as useful for unexpected messes. Baby wipes are a beautiful thing. Embrace them.


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scarlettewiththeropeover a year ago

LOL you should write ads for the baby wipe people ;)


sexpertover a year ago

This is something that I wish I could tell myself 7 years ago. Hmm... I think I have another question to post...


RelaxItover a year ago

The baby wipe queen haha. You're definitely right about baby wipes. Guy's can use them too. They clean up any mess and keep things "fresh". It's definitely a considerate thing to clean up before you put someones head down in that area. It not only will suck for that person going down there, but it will suck for you because the person will never forget a bad smelling, tasting, whatever person. That will haunt their mind forever. I'm sure we can all think of one person like this that we have encountered. YUCK!


oohlookasquirrelover a year ago

Love the idea, but be careful to stick to "external use only" to keep the glycerin in most baby wipes away from your vagina (though it would probably be OK on most of the vulva). Glycerin feeds yeast, and that's not going to make you feel very sexy later on if you're prone to yeast infections. I'm sure this is mostly common sense, but I thought I'd give it a mention just in case I can save one woman out there an unnecessary yeast infection from reckless baby wipe use. Because I'm very sensitive to glycerin in that area, I would be wary of having sex with a guy who had just used a baby wipe on his cock. I use cotton balls and witch hazel pretty much the same way with good results.


S_Jerusalemover a year ago

Good call on the witch hazel, OLAS. It is an astringent that will let you clean similarly to an alcohol wipe without the risk of burnination.

I will agree with wipes being a great thing. Men should look into them too, on the whole. Women enjoy a clean space to perform oral, too. I have habitually good genital hygiene because I was not circumcised, and most of my partners have mentioned that as a significant plus.

Oral is also a good way to remove any of that residual glycerin from your guy's bits, too... hint, hint. :)

Simone de Boudoir

Simone de Boudoirover a year ago

Hilarious, I just posted a rant about hygiene!

Baby wipes for the win! I use them in between calls when I don't have time for a shower.


sarahpover a year ago

Check out Ladygroomer Woman Wipes . . . designed for women!!!

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