When to Groom?!?!?!?!

When are girls supposed to shave it all off?

I know it is more pleasant for sex, but should it become a routine thing? What if you don't plan on having sex of anything that involves that area, should you play it safe and clean up?

Girls, what do you normally do?

Guys, do you prefer clean shaven? have you ever encountered a partner who wasn't groomed?


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thetitansover a year ago

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Grooming Tips

I've read a lot of grooming tips in my day and sometimes they'll say one thing about grooming and another source will say the complete opposite. I think grooming tips should be based on your personal situation and what you like. With that said, I'll still give you my personal grooming tips that I think are important regardless of how what you choose to do

Regardless if your clean shaven or leaving hair, it's always important to groom and keep things looking "neat". I think it's just good hygiene. So whatever you do, it's always important to have a good grooming set. Some are expensive but it's worth it. Particular for comfort. If you buy a cheap grooming set, you might find yourself with awful razor burn, hairs getting caught, and actually end up spending more money trying to keep it working (batteries, new razors, buying new things all together).

I also think it's good to have a nice and small mobile grooming set. Something that you can take when you travel. I've had numerous times where I was traveling for a long time and there was no way I was bringing a set of clippers or anything. Even if this is just a set of grooming scissors or if it's some expensive little grooming tool, I think it's a good thing to have.

If you do go clean shaven then life can be easier because you can simply use a razor and for traveling razors don't take up much room. More importantly the with grooming clippers, I think you should spend extra money for a good set of razors and any shaving gel, cream, or product that will make a clean, smooth, no razor burn shave.

So to finally answer your question....When to Groom? I say you groom whenever things aren't looking "neat" for you. So if you're shaving it all off and want to keep it that way then you need to maintain that. That means don't let it grow so you have long stubbles unless you plan to grow it out. If you're keeping hair in certain spots or trimmed then make sure you groom it on a regular basis.

Regardless if you or your partner likes hair or should be neat. Think about your get a haircut every couple weeks if you're a guy to keep it neat. And everyday guys and girls spend time making their hair look neat. It takes a little maintenance and I think so does the rest of your body hair.

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Albedoover a year ago

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More pleasant for sex? I actually have f...

More pleasant for sex? I actually have found that unless a girl is really handy with a razor or wax a simple trim is much nicer. The reason: stubble.

As nice as perfectly smooth skin is it takes daily upkeep. If that is what makes you feel sexy then go for it, but avoid stubble at all costs. It is poky and sex and poky are two things that usually don't play nice together.

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S_Jerusalemover a year ago

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When you want to. Wear it as is most com...

When you want to. Wear it as is most comfortable to you.

If you like clean-shaven, then maintaining it may help you build a tolerance to the shaving, similar to many men that have no troubles shaving their faces everyday.

If you are looking for the safest, and least-hassle, play it would be to get some clippers and just keep trimmed short. It is true that some guys may take umbrage with an unruly tuft, but I have never heard of a man that was interested in going down that was offended by a trimmed pubis. You can still retain the womanly look while not squicking the hair-phobic.

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oohlookasquirrelover a year ago

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Supposed to? Really, it is up to you. ...

Supposed to? Really, it is up to you. If you really hate shaving and you feel sexier with hair (trimmed or natural), then there are guys out there who will be into that. I think a lot of guys probably expect it if you want them to go down on you, but not everyone. If you have a partner, ask them what they like if you're willing to change. If not, I see no reason to shave if you're not expecting to get any and you don't plan on being seen in your underwear or bathing suit. Unless of course it makes you feel sexy, then shave whenever you like.

I rarely shave everything. Occasionally I will, just to mix things up, but I like looking like a woman instead of a pre-pubescent girl. I keep a trimmed and shaped patch above my clit but shave anywhere below the belt where I might want my partner to be putting his tongue and lips. I live with my boyfriend, so I shave every other day as long as I think I might be getting some. If I'm on my period or my boyfriend is out of town, I might go as long as a week without shaving, but I find the stubble uncomfortable and I feel sexier and more confident about my body when I shave so I never quit.

On a related note, I highly recommend using Sliquid brand shaving cream and freshening up your parts with a cotton ball and a tiny bit witch hazel (squeeze the ball so it doesn't drip). It keeps you clean and vastly reduces the number of ingrown hairs. I've been doing it for years and it is a great shortcut for between showers. You can even keep a couple of soaked cotton balls in a little container in your purse to freshen up on a night out when you think you might be getting lucky.

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