Guys, what do you prefer on women, clean shaven or unshaven?

Do you like your sexual partners to be completely shaven or wild and untamed down under?

Simply curious, and debating whether or not to shave.


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drozeboom1over a year ago

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a little is perfection

I really think its somewhere in the middle. I dont like the wild bush, but its not gonna stop me from making love to my fiance if she doesn't shave downstairs for a month. While at the same time I don't like the total shaven look either, because of the stubble factor. I like it when she has a little bit of hair, but its not thick, its really thin and rather short.

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Fork in Road

Fork in Roadover a year ago

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I would say a good medium is acceptable....

I would say a good medium is acceptable. I have always preferred the clean shave type but I also can't expect my wife to shave every day when I definitely do not. As long as she keeps things nice and fresh for me, then I'm a happy man. It's just another way of showing that she cares about me :)

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S_Jerusalemover a year ago

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Bare can be hot, but it isn't for (or on...

Bare can be hot, but it isn't for (or on) everyone. Waxing is far superior to shaving, but is more expensive. Though, if you find a decent aesthetician, it will cost less the more often one does it because it becomes easier over time.

Really, I think just neatly trimmed to 1/8"-1/4" is great. You get the look of the hair, it's long enough to be nice and soft but short enough not to get in the way.

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wadekid13over a year ago

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I've always preferred a girl that as com...

I've always preferred a girl that as completely clean shaven. As far as I know...every guy I've ever talked to has pretty much said the same thing.

Almost all the women I've been with have been. There was a girl once that wasn't, and honestly, it was such a huge turn off.

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skylinesandsunsetsover a year ago

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I like the look and feel of bare skin. ...

I like the look and feel of bare skin. Hair is for gorillas!

Seriously, a hairless body is a clean looking body. That's why I haven't worn sideburns since high school. Personally, I wish mustaches would go out of style (especially those repulsive goatees).

And yes, as a guy I shave myself: Chest, armpits, shoulders, arms, and groin. I highly recommend the Norelco bodygroom 2030, which is a VAST improvement over the 2020 predecessor.

The Remington "Titanium Body Groomer" (the one with the orange handle) is a royal joke. It's a good thing I kept the receipt, because I returned it within a few hours of testing the piece of junk.

Hope that helps!

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StillFiguringasdfaItOutover a year ago

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Well, if we are talking preference, I'd ...

Well, if we are talking preference, I'd say neither extreme... I prefer it nicely trimmed, and trimmed a little shorter lower down below. To me hair seems to celebrate womanliness a bit more, while being more presentable, and more accessible :-)

It'd suggest taking a look at it, trimming it a bit (no where specific), then a bit more, then relatively short below (with some up top), then shave it all off... try different styles for a bit and see what you enjoy the look and feeling of, where you feel sexy and most comfortable.

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Albedoover a year ago

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Completely shaven is a bit creepy, in a ...

Completely shaven is a bit creepy, in a prepubescent kind of way.

Though a trim is appreciated it is not necessary. I will go down on a women regardless of her grooming habit, as long as it involves regular bathing and soap. (is that too much to ask?)

Do what makes you feel sexy and don't worry about what others think.

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