Oral Sex


Guys, why do you like it so much?

Why do guys seem to like oral sex so much? When you have intercourse with a girl, it's giving her pleasure, too. I know it's enjoyable to give pleasure and see your partner having fun, but it's not really the same thing.

Black Iris

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sexpertover a year ago

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I know that this is not exactly an answe...

I know that this is not exactly an answer to the question that you asked, but I thought it might be useful.

What it potentially sounds like is that you are dissatisfied with giving head to your male partner. Perhaps you are giving pleasure. and don't necessarily feel that your efforts are being returned. I wonder if it's possible that you are a little resentful that he's so into something that you don't find pleasurable (you would not be the first!). If this is indeed the case (and I could be misinterpreting this completely), then maybe you should be thinking of ways of switching things up with your partner to make oral sex more enjoyable for you, or making sure that your efforts are always returned.

Some ideas could include asking that your partner not request it. Sometimes even just feeling pressure to give it can be a turn off. If giving oral sex is something that you always initiate, then it means that you control the frequency, and it is something special you do for him, rather than something he demands or asks of you. You could always try 69-ing more often. This means that you are both receiving pleasure at the same time.

Also, try to think what turns you on the most about giving oral sex. If it is about giving pleasure, experiment, learn new tricks, find something that drives him wild! And - this is super important - make sure he knows to let you know! I find a guy that is bucking, moaning, gasping, or squeezing my arms to be incredibly arousing, because I know I am doing the right thing!

Of course, you could just really dislike giving oral sex, and that's fair. There is no rulebook anywhere that says that you have to like anything. Luckily, not all guys like oral sex all that much, so maybe your ideal partner is someone who is less interested in it. I have met many the man who claims never to have reached orgasm from oral sex, and have even spoken to guys that say that it bores them. Find yourself one of these guys, and that may make things flow more smoothly.

Hope that gives you some other options to think about. Unless I was totally off, in which case, hope someone else reading this finds it helpful!

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S_Jerusalemover a year ago

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There is no simple answer, as is clear f...

There is no simple answer, as is clear from the previous posters. However, I would like to offer a counter-perspective to the "dominance" theory.

Some men are very dominant when receiving oral. This is marked with the characteristic grabbing of hair, controlling of the head or the pace of the action, perhaps just the attitude or speech involved.

This is not true of all men, however. A good lover, that really enjoys receiving oral only does that shit after asking their partner about it, or taking a cue that that is what she wants.

Many guys aren't interested in a dominance aspect at all. It feels really good when someone does something for you with no direct benefit other than your pleasure, and presumably their enjoyment of that pleasure. Doesn't it feel great when a guy goes down on you, just to get you off?

Personally, I rarely feel more powerless than when my cock is between a woman's teeth.

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cool man

cool manover a year ago

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Between sex and oral, I don't have a fav...

Between sex and oral, I don't have a favorite. They are both amazing in their own ways. But just like a girl might not have all her favorite spots hit with the right amount of pressure in intercourse, it's the same with us guys. So we enjoy oral for the same reason that many girls do.

A girl can use her mouth and tongue to hit spots with certain pressure that sex won't provide us. If a girl really knows what she doing or has been with a guy for a long time and has learned exactly what he loves, then oral sex can be unbeatable.

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TheFictionILiveover a year ago

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Simply put, I'm great at it. I've had a ...

Simply put, I'm great at it. I've had a few girls try to stand up after and not be able to stand because their legs we're still shaking so hard. I love being able to do that to a woman. To just be able to leave them looking at me like "what the fuck did you just do to me?!!" I mean, if you could get a guy to react like that in two minutes, wouldn't you enjoy it too?

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Kyle Miracle

Kyle Miracleover a year ago

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Iris, there are a lot of reasons. Mainl...

Iris, there are a lot of reasons. Mainly - and I'm yet to be swayed from this notion - it's a dominance issue. Whoever is putting in more effort to please the other is submissive, at least in that moment. (Keep that in mind next time, you may be shocked at the truth in that statement.) So when a guy is receiving oral, of course it feels great if she's had some practice, but the deep satisfaction is the position of dominance that is displayed. It makes a man feel secure in his masculinity.

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wadekid13over a year ago

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It does feel amazing. I often think that...

It does feel amazing. I often think that the actual physical sensation of getting head is so much better than intercourse. Also, most guys are pretty lazy. With oral, we can sit back, relax, and enjoy something that makes us feel great.

The key tho is to make sure you return the favor ; )....then you both get pleasure out of it.

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steveo7over a year ago

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From an analytical perspective I think i...

From an analytical perspective I think it may have something to do with the male ego and this idea of male dominance. In some strange way I think it makes us feel like we're "wearing the pants".

On the other hand, flat out it just feels amazing. When a girl really knows what she's doing it can be the most amazing thing...wayy better than sex. I saw a post on Leftos a while back that I think is relevant here too (http://leftos.com/opinion/view/321). I agree with author...sex for guy's really feels the same regardless of position. It's more of a mental and emotional thing. With oral that's not true. There are certain techniques that feel much better than others, and it's really not about how it looks...it's about how it feels which I think is another reason guys love it.

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