For Guys, It's Not What Feels the Best, It's What Looks the Best

This is one thing that I think most women don't understand when it comes to sex. For Guys, different positions generally feel the same. At least that's my opinion. Think about the anatomy of it -- regardless of the position, the guy is completely consumed.

So, this has lead me to one conclusion-- that good sex, for guys is not about how good it feels but how good it looks. For women that means simply this....make it look good when you're having sex-- act sexy. Great sex (for a guy) is when a women LOOKS great DURING sex.


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Kyle Miracle

Kyle Miracleover a year ago

OMG I could write a book here Dude! You're spot on. Of course there are a few other things that constitute sex, but that's for another topic ;) I'd like to share a few DO's and DON'T's for the women-folk here, so they can have an honest perspective of a guy's desires.

Things to avoid during sex:
- hunched shoulders/bad posture, surprisingly as it may be this is extremely "unsexy"
- licking, I feel "climb-out-of-bed-and-check-my-email" turned off when a girl licks me anywhere near my face, could be just me though. Licking in or around the ears should be lawsuit worthy :P

Things to do MORE:
- ARCH YOUR BACK, stick that ass out girl! Think of any gorgeous swim suit model, pornstar, or stripper and mimic her posture and body movements. That's more or less the pinnacle of sexy, that's why they exist.
- Don't be afraid to get naughty, the bedroom is the time to talk, think and act dirty. In my bed there are few boundaries...other guys' beds may have more restrictions so be warned ;)
- Make noise, moaning, groaning, even grunting is better than silent sex LOL



uaqover a year ago

While I agree with your statement, I would like to point out that different positions DO feel different for men (or maybe just myself). Different angles stimulate different areas of the penis.

This is the same for women I believe.


ilikethisover a year ago

I never really thought about this...but it does make a lot of sense. I think this raises a great point of interest. I don't think I'm ever aware of how I look when I'm having sex, I'm just very into the moment and concentrating on the sensations. I'm definitely going to be more conscious of this from now on. Thanks guys!

Alias Smith

Alias Smithover a year ago

Yes, this does make a great point, it's playing a psychological mind game with you're guys if you look seductive and all that jazz during sex, though i had thought that the girls were the one's that needed mental stimulation during sex, it's a very good possibility it works both ways, though i don't think that making yourselves look like a porn star would be a good idea, might be a kinda turn off for me.. Just my opinion though, some guys might like it.

Loud as a Piano

Loud as a Pianoover a year ago

I agree and disagree. Some positions do feel better than others. Doggy style for some reason rubs me the right way (literally). However, theirs nothing better than looking at your girl during sex and seeing how sexy she is. Imagine if you were having sex with a girl and she looked like she was constipated (that would be awful).

When a girl is on top, arching the back and sticking out the ass and chest just makes the whole scene seem more sexual.

I know men love being able to look in the mirror during sex. I feel like women probably do to but I'm not sure. But think about it. You see in movies or even on shows like Cribs, men have their walls or even ceilings decked out with mirrors. Watching yourself have sex with a beautiful woman or the woman you love, just adds to the excitement and experience.

Lastly, a note to the women reading this, don't take these suggestions and let them get to you that much. The last thing you need to do is be focusing too much on how you look during sex and not actually be enjoying the moment. The guy will be able to tell if your really getting into the moment and that right their makes you look sexy. Just take note if your on top, try being sexual about your movements, don't be a "dead fish".


oohlookasquirrelover a year ago

I've got to say that appearances and enthusiasm make great sex for women too. Of course hitting all the right spots is important, but I get off a whole lot quicker if my partner looks like he's really enjoying himself (and it can take me forever if I think he's not having a good time).

There's a position with me on top that gets me off every time, but my partner doesn't really care for it because there's not as much "in and out" going on for him. I can tell when he's getting a little bored and it totally sabotages my orgasm, even if I was right on the edge before I noticed he was bored.


StillFiguringasdfaItOutover a year ago

For myself, I find different positions are different. They allow me to move differently and grab her differently, and she can move differently in different positions. There definitely is a visual aspect to it, but I also find each of our engagements - the energy, passion, aggression or submission put into it - changes with each position.


RulesRevisitedover a year ago

This post is spot on. I actually have a whole post on my blog making this point, with picture illustrations, check it out:


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