How many positions?

How many positions do you use in a typical sexual encounter? Do you have an order you prefer to do them in?

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ma4tover a year ago

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Missionary Doggy Girl on top Missiona...

Girl on top
Missionary for the grand finale

My girlfriends always want to end with us holding each other. It just seems more intimate than dropping a load her butt.

Doggy and girl on top can be alternated. And like 3OFLondon said, changing positions without losing penetration is kinda cool, too.

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30FLondonover a year ago

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It depends who and I am with and what ki...

It depends who and I am with and what kind of mood we are both in.

Sometimes we will start in either missionary, cowgirl or doggy and finish in that same position.

Or what I call the funfair. Fast, fun and exciting, starting with oral, a bit of doggy, missionary, attempting to go from missionary to cowgirl without penetration being lost, plus lots of instinctive changes i.e. legs up, down, out, in, deep penetration, slow teasing just in strokes usually finishing with Missionary/Anvil or Doggy with him stroking my clit.

When in a long-term relationship, it changes to slower more sensual sex, starting with the funfair (more big wheel than waltzer) and finishing with missionary, kissing as we climax together.

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banderasover a year ago

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three at most, missionary,then doggy ,th...

three at most, missionary,then doggy ,then wheel barrow, feels good try it out some times

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madmonkover a year ago

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Honestly, I'm happiest when my girlfrien...

Honestly, I'm happiest when my girlfriend is riding me; in part because I've noticed that it takes me longer to orgasm when she is on top, also because I love the physical closeness this position allows. We tend to start out with her on top, though sometimes in missionary if she decides she wants to stop whatever we are doing and pulls me onto/in her. We will usually switch back and forth between these two positions at certain intervals, and every now and then we will (usually as I am close to coming) switch to doggy style (it took us some time to perfect this position, as I'm much taller than she is). While I like some aspects of taking her from behind, it really does have a more primal feel to it, I really enjoy being able to see her face and kiss her as we screw.

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DateDailyover a year ago

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That's a very technical question for an ...

That's a very technical question for an act that should be anything but.

Typically people usually go into a position like missionary and end up in variations of it. For example, the guy will lift one of her legs, then the other, then he might bend them inwards.

Then she might decide to take control and get on top. First riding him with her legs down, and then getting into a squat position.

So it can be anywhere from 1 to 10 positions during one session, but there is no exact answer.

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irksome1over a year ago

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Typically they prefer cowgirl or somethi...

Typically they prefer cowgirl or something where they are in control. I'm not a big fan of sex to begin with so I really don't care what position it is. All I want to do is read a book and maybe kiss for an hour. But no. Apparently I'm the plant draw the dominant butterflies.

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LAWestphalover a year ago

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Gee really depends on mood and energy. I...

Gee really depends on mood and energy. I guess it also depends on where we are. There just are so many......there isn't anything typical about it. Low energy going to bed at least two or three....what ever works. Spooning is great for morning sex though. Up against the wall for spontaneous or shower sex moments. The stairs.....on the boom of the sail boat, oh wait tied up to the mast......there just is too many to choose from. explore the possibilities and you'll understand "nothing typical about it"! Doesn't typical get boring after a while? Oh and the stairs......beach....car while driving or parked...........see nothing typical about it.

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BevZabover a year ago

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I'm weird. I *like* missionary...I like...

I'm weird. I *like* missionary...I like to see him above me, like to see his face, like how his hands are on me...or sometimes, he can really pin me down, kind of "make me take it" (bad girl!). ^_^

But I'm a bigger girl, and I like it best from behind--preferably with something to support me: sofas are a favorite, tho one time an exposed beam in a barn was *awesome!* This position gives me best access to touch myself just about anywhere, and he can just go to town!

So, while I've used a lot of positions, sometimes as many as 5-6 in a session, I would really say 2 on any kind of reliable basis.

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StillFiguringasdfaItOutover a year ago

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3-4 seems pretty normal for my relations...

3-4 seems pretty normal for my relationships... missionary, doggystyle, woman on top, and some oral positions. But even that gives way to so much variety depend on our mood and energy...

For example, doggy style with her almost flat with legs slightly apart allows for so much more kissing and caressing of her back and shoulders, it's really a nice intimate starter... but ass up, head down, or on the hands, or hands on the headboard or her pressed against the wall, using a belt as a strap to pull her back to you..... endless possibilities and fun.

The order really depends on the moment, who's feeling more randy, and who started it :-)

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overparover a year ago

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We usually go through 3 or 4 position du...

We usually go through 3 or 4 position during a session. After a good amount of foreplay and oral we will start with a position tht is most convenient (if i am doing oral to her i wiil kiss my way up her body to missionary, or if we are in a 69 she will slide down into a reverse cowgirl. The positiions we use and modifications are only limited to imagination

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oohlookasquirrelover a year ago

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Our standard routine (which we stray fro...

Our standard routine (which we stray from frequently) after we're done with whatever foreplay we've been playing with (often oral or digital stimulation, or sex toys) is me on top until I get off because my partner lasts a long time in that position and I get off most easily that way. Then I ask him how he wants to finish, and his favorite is reverse cowgirl but sometimes we stay where we are and sometimes we switch to doggy style if I'm really tired.

Then again, we're often experimenting with new things, and that usually involves a LOT of switching of positions.

Also, there are a ton of minor changes that we might go through in any one position. Girl on top can feel totally different depending on leg positions and so forth, so counting positions might be kind of tough when each position might offer lots of variation in angles, depth, etc.

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wadekid13over a year ago

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GREAT QUESTION. I hope people answer thi...

GREAT QUESTION. I hope people answer this...i'd love to see other responses.

I think on a typical session I usually go through about 3 positions.For me, I almost always start with missionary...since its the easiest way to kick things off. Then generally we move to a lil cowgirl. And usually doggystyle too. I prefer that order...it leaves me with a big smile on my face.

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