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"I'm in love with a stripper"......

Every time I go to the strip club with my friend, I see this one stripper there that is amazing. She fits my type of girl perfectly. How can I approach a stripper and go after her without coming off as just a regular horny client?

**Just so you know, I'm not a big strip club guy but my friend drags me with him every now and then. Since I don't go often I doubt she would recognize my face and I've never gotten a lap dance from her or even given her any attention.

Any advice?

cool man

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Anonymous1over a year ago

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Your 'Type' of Girl?

If a stripper is your 'type of girl' than pursue her with the full understanding that you can't change gears later and decide that 'your type' won't necessarily meet your emotional, intellectual or psychological needs. One other thing: think ahead (and beyond your imagination).

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Simone de Boudoir

Simone de Boudoirover a year ago

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From what you've written, you know nothi...

From what you've written, you know nothing about her. Try getting to know her before you decide she's your perfect woman because you lust after her from afar.

Second, you have to make it clear that you want to get to know her outside of work. This is her job, to her you are a potential client. But that doesn't mean that you can't talk to her and get to know her. Not all sex workers are heartless and just there to steal your hard-earned money. It may be a job, but that doesn't mean that we don't have real connections with people who are our customers.

A friend of mine who is a stripper just got engaged to a former client.

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scarlettewiththeropeover a year ago

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How in the world do you know that she's ...

How in the world do you know that she's your perfect type of girl if you've never had any interaction with her??? You don't know anything about her except what she looks like and where she works! I just don't get it :(

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skylinesandsunsetsover a year ago

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My advice is simple: LOOK ELSEWHERE. ...

My advice is simple: LOOK ELSEWHERE.

Strippers may appear friendly and interested in the club patrons, but that's what it takes to earn money in that profession. At the end of the day, strippers don't give a doodle about the guys they met or their regular customers. They key word is CUSTOMERS.

How many people on this website have jobs? I'm sure that they are very nice and respectful towards their bosses/superiors. Do they get up every morning at 6am just for the sake of being an apple polisher? HELL NO. It's all about the money.

Bottom line: Girls go to strip clubs to work, not for dates. They only care about what's in your wallet, not your heart. It may sound like tough advice, but it's the truth.

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Rayover a year ago

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Let it go. In the book of bad ideas, th...

Let it go. In the book of bad ideas, this entry can be found on chapter 1, page 1.

If you really insist on doing this, you would purchase lap dances and then burn the song having a conversation without actually making her do the lap dance.

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DateDailyover a year ago

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You have to hit her with something mildl...

You have to hit her with something mildly negative about her, like "wow, you have weird toes" or "you have a weird accent". Don't say anything about her sexual parts or you'll get dismissed.

I know many strippers and most of them tend to have many insecurities.

BTW, you say "she fits my type of girl perfectly" WTF? I have yet to meet a man whose perfect girl spends her evening taking her clothes off and getting money stuffed into her underwear.

Maybe you like her physicality, but wait until you actually speak to her before deciding that she's your perfect type of girl.

Remember: she's a stripper and she'll probably remain a stripper if and when you're dating her.

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Black Iris

Black Irisover a year ago

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I think if you approach her in the strip...

I think if you approach her in the strip club, she'll treat you like a customer. She'll play along with whatever you want, take your money, and call a bouncer if you get fresh.

The thing is, she has to protect herself. She has no idea who you are or what kind of person you are. She is probably approached by many men every night.

You might also want to find out if she has a boyfriend.

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ladiesman217over a year ago

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If u really want her attention try to ge...

If u really want her attention try to get a lap dance from and make small talk before she actually gives you the dance. One you are done maybe give her 5-10 dollar tip and dont ask her for her number the first time she talks to you. Wait until you have atleast come to visit her 2 or 3 more times.

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MsLoVeover a year ago

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Ever seen the movie "Pretty Woman"? If n...

Ever seen the movie "Pretty Woman"? If not, basically just remember to treat her as a lady. If you truly like this girl, you need to disregard her profession and make sure to let her know that you like her for HER, not for the same reasons as the chachy guys that she may often encounter.

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Kyle Miracle

Kyle Miracleover a year ago

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Well that's a start, your excuse to refu...

Well that's a start, your excuse to refuse a lapdance, when offered: "My buddy dragged me along; I'm a good friend." Good thing about strippers is you don't have to approach them, they will approach you. Just wait till she comes to talk to you or till she's not busy and you can talk to her. Your main goal should be to remove the stripper-client barrier. As long as she's leading the flirting and you're falling for it, she just wants your money. So make sure you drop that "I'm just here with my buddy" line to start (don't just blurt it out, work it into the conversation).

After that, it's just the same as any beautiful girl. Dancers always love playing cute little games and going on "adventures" - role-playing: you've been married to her for years and now you're getting a divorce, or she's an ex and she's trying to get back with you. It should all be funny, light, and completely silly in the beginning. And you can say whatever you want (she may not actually be your ex and she may not actually be trying to get with you AT THAT TIME, but you can say it anyway, and the funny thing is, it tends to be true. :)


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