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What do girls want to hear when someone approaches them

What am I suppose to say? I'm not much of a fan of the witty one liners and is it too much to just come out of no where and compliment a girl? I feel like they think you are full of shit or something? What is the best way to approach them????

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Anonymous1over a year ago

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It's all in the Details

Complimenting a woman is fine; the problems that many men find when doing so are 1) for many women, it's difficult to gracefully accept a compliment; and 2) sometimes compliments come across 'smarmy.' I like your sincerity; most women would. Thank god you don't employ the so-called witty one-liners and pick-up lines. If you feel you need something pleasant to say, make the compliment as specific as possible (so long as the compliment has nothing to do with her anatomy). For example, "I noticed you a few moments ago and it struck me that few women could pull off wearing those boots (glasses, whatever) so well. I like your style and individuality."

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DollFaceover a year ago

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NO ONE LINERS. You're not necessarily fu...

NO ONE LINERS. You're not necessarily full of shit if you use one you just lack creativity....and a pair of balls. Start a casual conversation but make sure to not talk about yourself too much. You want to ask her questions and act sincerely interested in what she does/likes etc. not attempt to impress her-- that will hopefully come later after you land a date.

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Thinkr148over a year ago

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Great question, especially since it's ki...

Great question, especially since it's kind've all on the guy to do the approaching. What do we say ladies...

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elizabethover a year ago

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Nothing is easier or better than just sa...

Nothing is easier or better than just saying Hello, and making small talk about something around you... the music, the crowd, etc. If she's open to starting a conversation it should flow from there. A compliment is fine as long as it's not too personal.

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