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Do women Want to be approached?

Today i was eating with a buddy at a mall food court. Saw two very cute girls there was some eye contact. Nothing happened we left and will probably never see them again. Should we have approached them. If so whats should we have said?


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DateDailyover a year ago

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Hi, I'm Steve, this is Josh, we noticed ...

Hi, I'm Steve, this is Josh, we noticed you ladies sitting here by yourselves and were wondering if we could join you?

You can always use a pickup line like "We're settling a bet, can you help us? Steve thinks that malls are great places to meet women but I disagree. What do you think?"

But yes, always approach a woman you might be interested in. Life is too short not to.

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Kyle Miracle

Kyle Miracleover a year ago

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All three girls gave great advice here! ...

All three girls gave great advice here! Asking their help/advice is a great start, as is introducing yourself and company. A great transition I like to use is "How do you guys know each other?" It's an appropriate question to ask and can lead to lots of great topics to joke about and flirt.

And of course rejection is a part of learning. A girl does not reject YOU, she rejects your APPROACH. So work on your body language and approach as genuinely as possible. I usually just say something like, "You look like an awesome person. Are you?" "Hi," is also a great one haha!


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feigntover a year ago

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yeah you should've came up to them and s...

yeah you should've came up to them and say "hey what's up" "hi i'm ____ and this is my friend ____" and just start conversation. If the conversation dies after introduction say "what are you guys up to today"

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Tulipsover a year ago

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As much as we get approached by creepy g...

As much as we get approached by creepy guys, I'm never upset if someone tries to start a conversation unless he doesn't take the hint and keeps bugging me. Don't be desperate! And also, if we reject you, don't be an ass. One guy approached me and after talking for awhile asked me to dance. I said no, politely, and he goes "I wish you could be hotter." Sweet.

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lizzieover a year ago

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if the eye contact was going both ways, ...

if the eye contact was going both ways, then definitely go for it. one idea would be to ask for their help - say you're buying a gift for your sister's birthday, or for mother's day, and could they suggest a store in the mall. if it goes well they might even walk you over there and you could spend some more time together (of course you may even have to buy the gift and later return it, but if she finds out later she might be flattered at you willing to go that far to establish a relationship)

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cool man

cool manover a year ago

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Ya what the hell, might as well. I mean...

Ya what the hell, might as well. I mean, easier said then done. But at the end of the day, worst case scenario you get shut down, or just nothing comes of it. But maybe something could have and you'll never know. TheDude brings up a good point. Be casual. Say hey whats up, so I got a random question but you two seem like the only ones around that probably will give me a good opinion. Do you think this (whatever you bought) is straight or good for (some event) or should I return it? Girls love being looked too for advice and especially in fashion. You just boosted their self esteem by saying you think they were the only 2 girls around that coudl give you a good opinion, and now you just broke ice with them. Go with the flow from...maybe grab a number at the end.

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TheDudeover a year ago

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Hey, you've got nothing to lose..what's ...

Hey, you've got nothing to lose..what's the worst that could happen...they shut you down? Big deal, you'll probably never see them again anyways. Maybe say something about what you bought, like "hey, I have a question...what do you think of this shirt I just bought?" I guess you can say just about anything, as long as it's casual. It's really about HOW you say it. Laid back, and confident.

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