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Should the Girl Approach the Guy?

I had this debate with a guy friend of mine once. Generally it's the guys responsibility to approach the girl, but my guy friend disagreed with that and pleaded the "stereotype" defense. What do you think....should girl's approach the guy too?

And to the guy's...would that turn you on if a girl did approach you? would she get some instant points?


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icantcontrolover a year ago

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If you are a human being and you like so...

If you are a human being and you like somebody then just approach her/him .It does not matter whether you are a girl or a young boy.

Don't what your friends or his/her friends or her/him will think.

Don't think anything else just make it your aim to approach that you like.

and to whom you are approaching will not going to feel bad. Whatever is the response. She/he will be impressed by knowing that you have guts to approach anybody you like from your hurt.

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Piperover a year ago

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Generally girls get too nervous/shy/gidd...

Generally girls get too nervous/shy/giddy to make the first move, so they rely on the boy. It shows dominance!

But sometimes if the guy shows signs that he's not into the girl, then the girl should step in.

I guess the girl can step in under any circumstance, but the stereotype is sorta true

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Kyle Miracle

Kyle Miracleover a year ago

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I get approached from time to time (espe...

I get approached from time to time (especially depending on what I'm wearing/how I'm dressed). It's not weird or insulting, nor is it ego-boosting. It's just other social people wanting to have a good time, good for them!

However, I can't RELY on a girl to approach me. When I see a girl that I want to talk to, I immediately go talk to her. It would be stupid and arrogant for me to sit back and expect that she will come talk to me.


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cool man

cool manover a year ago

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I agree with you BlueEyes and yes defini...

I agree with you BlueEyes and yes definitely a great question. It's a stereotype that the guy should approach the girl but that's just the reality of our society. That is our etiquette. Men have their roles and women have theirs. I would love if more girls that were eying me down came up and approached me, but I can't expect them to do that. If I notice a girl I like, I think it's my duty to make the move and approach her. I also think I have a better chance if I don't hesitate and just go for it then sit around and wait. Of course this is easier said then done but I think it's something us guys need to be doing.

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Thinkr148over a year ago

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Great question, HUGE pet peeve of mine. I'm with your friend, it IS such a stereotype that it's all on the guy to do the approaching.

I can clearly remember one time where I was at a bar in college...I had been eye-flirting from across the bar all night with this really hot girl and she kept catching me and flirting back. After about 30 minutes of this...she came right up to me and started a conversation. It was SO HOT, such a turn on. To answer your question, yes ladies...approach guys, you WILL get instant points.

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