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Im in love with a stripper....

Well, me and a couple of friends went out 3 weeks ago. We were looking for club tickets. and we bumped into a guy who was selling tickets for a strip club. Having looking for about an hour for dance club tickets we couldn't find any, so we just bought the strip club tickets and went there (first time for me). We went in and a girl approached me. I didn't tell her my name but i did tell her my nickname. we started talking and at a point she said she had to go and she'd be back. She gave me a kiss and left. Before that she asked me if i wanted a lap dance and i said "maybe some other time." My friend lend me some money so when she came back she asked again (in a polite way always) and i said ok. She gave me a lap dance but that didn't turn me on. I mean, i had that feeling for her and after i left the club that night, my friend asked me if i had taken her phone number and i said i'm planning to go back and find her, 3 weeks after... Ive been thinking about her non-stop, i just can't forget her...i love that girl...


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PinkRosesover a year ago

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Better spending your time elsewhere

I have nothing against women who chose the dancing and stripping profession but I sometimes am surprised at how well they suck men in.

Andrew, you have to realize that her job, her goal, her entire night at work is geared towards making men want her. That's how she makes money.

Considering you guys barely interacted, you paid her money to give you a lap dance, and you didn't connect with her anymore than the average paying customer, then you probably should just let this go.

She's not going to remember you when you go back because she's seen 100's of men since. She's probably gonna take advantage of your attraction and suck you into paying more money for lap dances.

You're better off spending your time meeting a girl outside of the strip club, spending money on her, and interacting with her on level playing ground

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Albedoover a year ago

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How long have you actually been in the same room as this girl? Despite what you may have heard love isn't magic, it doesn't magically appear. There are defiantly people that have a massively positive, lasting and nearly instantaneous affect on us but even then it still takes time and interaction for love to grow.

I would suggest moving on, but I always do that. If you don't want to do that how do you plan to even get in contact with this girl? I don't see any real way for you to do that.

In the mean time check out this thread because your question has already been asked by another guy. Pay extra special attention to Simone's post because she is actually a sex worker.

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