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Plain and simple...Ladies, whats the first thing you notice about a guy?


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sexpertover a year ago

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Now, I base a big part of what I think a...

Now, I base a big part of what I think about someone on his/her personality. Now, I notice different things about girls, so I'll stick to what I first notice about a guy, ie: before we start talking.

I notice his fashion sense. I know it sounds horrible to judge a book by its cover, but certain styles give off vibes that I like, while others mean that you have to show me that you aren't what your clothes say you are.

I'm a big academic, and I'm not all that fashionable myself, but I like a guy that looks like a university student. Simple clothes, even just a hoodie and a pair of fitted jeans (not the type that you wear below your ass. I live in Ottawa, it gets cold up here, it's just not practical.

I like people who are hygienic, but also don't look like they spend three hours in front of the mirror every day, like they are way too busy studying or attending class to worry about that sort of stuff.

Even girls (I know I said I wouldn't talk about girls), I like it when girls just wear a hoodie and do up their hair in that messy bun that looks like it takes two seconds. And the nerdy glasses, I know that they are overly fashionable right now, but I love it.

Of course, I'm also going out with a guy who is rather fashion conscious, so obviously, this is not 100% necessary for me to like you, it's just something that I find comforting and pleasant to look at.

Oh, and girls that wear rugby shirts. I like rugby shirts on girls. mmm...

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Simone de Boudoir

Simone de Boudoirover a year ago

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Right away, I check out his pants (if th...

Right away, I check out his pants (if they fit properly, are they tapered, or hanging halfway down his thighs, etc). Following that, I check out his smile. I also pay attention to how he walks/carries himself. Guys who stoop=not attractive. And if we get to conversation, I pay attention to how he talks about himself--is he self-deprecating (not attractive) or confident (but also not arrogant)? How does he talk about other women, friends, ex's etc?

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DateDailyover a year ago

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His watch. It lets me know if it's time ...

His watch. It lets me know if it's time to talk to him.

Timex, no.

Breitling, yes.

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scarlettewiththeropeover a year ago

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This is one of those interesting kernels...

This is one of those interesting kernels of truth that the pick up artist stuff is based on... girls really do notice a guys attitude and how it comes out in their body language first thing! Girls try to read as much as they can about a guy as quickly as possible, and attitude and the way we carry ourselves are something humans are genetically programmed to do read. Remember that for most of our evolutionary history all communication was non-verbal... it's our most primitive method of understanding each other.

I've had a lot of girl friends who'll show me a picture of their newest boyfriend and gush, "Isn't he cuuuuute??" and I look at them and see no such thing (as a girl though we must lie and tell our friends that he's hawt ;) it's in the code)... then I meet them, and he's just super confident, or very comfortable with himself, and you realize that in person you get tricked into thinking the attractiveness is looks.

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Bdaygirlover a year ago

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The first thing I noticed about my boyfr...

The first thing I noticed about my boyfriend was the way he seemed really comfortable in his own skin. He was calm and happy and people seemed to really like him!

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Kyle Miracle

Kyle Miracleover a year ago

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Consciously or subconsciously? Consciou...

Consciously or subconsciously? Consciously, girls will recognize all the things they've pointed out: height, face, eyes, smile, sense of humor, etc. But subconsciously - which is a much bigger deciding factor - people recognize body language. Body language (when a man is not consciously controlling it) is the most honest outward display of his personal confidence and emotional state. That can be the most attractive or least attractive quality that women notice before anything else - often before the man even approaches her.

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Miss_Desiraeover a year ago

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Physically, I tend to notice a guy's hai...

Physically, I tend to notice a guy's hair and eyes first. I just love it when a guy's hair is neat, clean, and well taken care of, and I am a believer that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Eyes can give away a lot if you look into them and pay close attention.

Aside from physical appearance, I notice how a guy acts and carries himself and how he interacts with others. I think it is very important to pay attention to these details, because then you get a feel about what type of person a guy is by taking notice of his behavior.

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emmieisayetiover a year ago

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hmmm....i think i notice height first. ...

hmmm....i think i notice height first. this is probably a by-product of being a tall woman (5'10)...from there, probably face/body. maybe it's superficial; i dunno. i'm not huge into muscles though, and i used to like "pretty boys," but not so much anymore. i also am much more attracted to t-shirt/jeans sorts of indie guys than the businessy types...i guess i notice hair and eyes after that...the guy i'm dating has a beard, which i never thought i would like, but i love. he's just sort of wonderful...*blush*

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chihuahuachick01over a year ago

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it's different with everyone i like....h...

it's different with everyone i (of course, i want to have something to run my fingers thru, so NO buzz cuts!!)

Thas not the only reason i like the guy i like now...he's sweet, goes to church got good hair, dresses nice, clean, friendly, smart, musically taletned, funny...the list goes on...

i don't like dirty looking guys...they gotta know how to stay clean!!! i don't see how some of these girls can stand these trashy, stanky, dirty lookin boys. YES i said boys, because MEN know how to stay clean!!!!!!!

it's like this...i see a hot guy, i get to know him, & if he's one of those cocky stuckup jocks, then no, i ain't interested!!!!

if he's hot, down to earth & sweet, then sure!!!!!!!

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sluveubabyover a year ago

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It sounds superficial but its true - How...

It sounds superficial but its true - How hot is he...clothes always help but a good body and a nice face are #1. 2nd thing I notice is their body language...if a guy is comfortable in his skin he doesn't have to show off and he naturally gives off a good vibe. Humor is extremely sexy.

Take Seth Rogan- not the sexiest man but his personality makes you attracted to him


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snickers1234over a year ago

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I read recently that girls automatically...

I read recently that girls automatically check out a guys shoes first, I thought it sounded crazy but i actually found myself doing it. I wouldn't dislike someone based on shoes, but i guess its possible that shoes can say something about the cliches of a guy maybe, flip flops=laid back, nice leather=wealthy etc. Snap judgments are human nature, its possible shoes can indicate if they represent what you are looking for.

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singlensassyover a year ago

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The first thing i notice about a guy is ...

The first thing i notice about a guy is his face... sounds superficial but its true, although i think that after talking to a guy looks def dont matter as much, i am way more interested in a good personality than how someone looks.

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testingsohardover a year ago

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I ain't a lady, but I read that girls of...

I ain't a lady, but I read that girls often go for a guy with some kind of special outfit--called peacocking in pickup-artist speech--but if a guy has something on that is special and easily noticeable, like a hat or necklace, the girl has an easier time talking to the guy.

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