Whats the Craziest or Dumbest thing you've done to Impress a girl?

Us guys have a tendency to throw logic out the window when we're trying to impress a girl. Feats that we would otherwise say "hell no" to, are suddenly logical. So, what's the craziest or dumbest thing ever done to impress a girl?

This goes for girls too...What have you done to impress a guy?


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Mimblewimbleover a year ago

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So you think you can sing?

This guy I was absolutely enamored with played the guitar. We had an open-mic night at college and the singer of his band lost his voice. He was asking around if anyone knew the song and I replied that I did.

Long story short, I, a girl who had never sung for anyone besides myself in the shower, ended up singing for a crowd of about 400 with a song that I had never sung before, but briefly knew. Thankfully I did alright and the group did great.

Sad ending, though. Over winter break he got a girlfriend who he sings with now.

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adviceguruover a year ago

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Sing in front an entire bar

Oh man...great question and can't wait to see some of these answers. The craziest thing I've done...which might not be THAT crazy, was sing in front of an entire bar for a girl in college. If you can imagine the scene in Top Gun when all the guys sing at the bar "You've lost that loving feeling", well then you got a good idea of what went down. I sang that exact same song and embarrassed the hell out of her. Either way, we ended up dating for sometime so I guess it worked?

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