Having a "Crush"


Mystery girl..o mystery girl,where art thou ?

True story,a mystery girl called me last night and she tells me she's been seeing me around and she finds me to be cool ( i was kind of freaked out at first )it seems she knows everything about me and now she wants to meet up with me @ a secret place...I'm cool with that but here's the major problem,what if the mystery girl i meet happens to be:
2.A stalker
how am i going to deal with each of these situations ?


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Kyle Miracle

Kyle Miracleover a year ago

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Unless you're 14 and still in middle sch...

Unless you're 14 and still in middle school...it's likely this is a trick (or she's not attractive). There is a chance that she's like the coolest girl in the world though because that would be awesome!

I'd take the chance, for the excitement :)


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URwingmanover a year ago

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Wingman needed here

If this secret place is a public location, you better have a friend there, just in case. If it's not, then make sure you have a text ready to send a friend when you meet her. "SOS" or "$$$." You should know what those mean.

Either way, this will be an interesting situation. Good luck, my friend.

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Albedoover a year ago

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Sounds like the beginning to a great story...

Of course it could be a horrific ax-murderer story.

Like what everyone else has said there are giant stalker flags all over this girl, but some times things are mislabeled.

I would go, but I trust other people far beyond what is probably healthy. I would let some one know that I was going to meet someone at whatever location and let them I would call them later that night.

So if they are unattractive you have a fun night and tell her you aren't interested in her then you move on.

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sexpertover a year ago

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Sounds sketch to me

It sounds sketchy to me. Have you met her before? Why does she want to meet in a parking lot? Why not a restaurant, club, or a cafe?

There are sexy ways to be mysterious, and then there are bizarre ways. She is on the crazy/dangerous side of things. She is not really following the rules of engagement here. She got your phone number, won't tell you how, is purposefully withholding information, and is asking you to meet in a non-date friendly location.You know limited things about her. If you know her name, how do you know if it's her real name?

If she wanted to go on a date with you, why not approach you in a public place and introduce herself? Instead, she goes all detective on you and gets your phone number (which means she probably has access to your address). Why is she doing all of this to get to know you instead of just introducing herself?

What goal does she have? If she just wants a date with you, there are non-creepy ways of asking you out, and locations that are much better suited to meet. If she truly has noble intentions, she is acting like someone who doesn't have a very good idea of how she comes off to other people, and might be lacking in social skills. Not exactly something that screams attractiveness to me.

Bottom line: something is not on the up and up.

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wiseguy11over a year ago

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freaky dude

Are you thinking about meeting up with this chick at a "secret place"? If it were me I would not do that if she's being all suspicious. So she won't tell you her name or how she knows all about you? or even how she got your phone number? That is just weird. sounds like she'd be a stage 3 clinger in my opinion. Unless she's giving you a little more info.. don't do it! I don't even know why you are questioning stalker. sounds like all the criteria for a stalker! haha

Ps--another thought, maybe its a girl you know and shes messin with you? Ive had that happen to me before, some girl pranked me. she ended up telling me later on. if you think about it, how else would she know these things unless shes stalking you?

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