My ex's new gf is a copycat?

I dated this boy for about six months. It was never anything serious, and we have the same group of friends so we're constantly hanging out. The end of our relationship was pretty mutual, but we're still a little flirtatious. He's been dating this new girl who was not originally part of our group of friends.

I'm guessing once she found out he and I had dated, she started having a problem with me. She isn't nice, or friendly and always seems to have a chip on her shoulder towards me. Which I understand bc I think if the situation were reversed I might FEEL the same way but I wouldn't let her see it. I, personally, would do my best to be super nice and let everyone see it didn't bother me and that I was confident in my relationship instead of treating my beau's ex like a jerk.

It's almost like she has to one up me, and every time we all hang out she's wearing something similar to what I was wearing the last time we were all together, or seems to have a lack of clothing on her body which in some cases in a little inappropriate. I never really noticed it till one of my friends pointed it out and now I am paying a little more attention.

Should I say something to my ex about her nasty behavior towards me or leave it alone?


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Gabriel F

Gabriel Fover a year ago

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Thinking about it too much.

You are thinking about this situation too much. :) Keep on being you. Be flirtatious. If she doesn't like the competition then she can handle him. Test her metal. Be super nice to her, and her boyfriend, and she will seem really needy and mean to the rest of the group, if she keeps being nasty, and the group will kick her ass out, if she can't hang. In another world, you two could maybe be super friends. :)

Let them know Gabriel F sent you. Love there advice and can't really take credit for all of it.

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Fork in Road

Fork in Roadover a year ago

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Be the bigger person and just leave it be

So far you seem to have handled the situation extremely mature and respectable. unfortunately we can't say the same about your ex's new girlfriend but that's out of your control.

She probably feels like you're a threat to her and her relationship. It's definitely an insecurity thing if that's the case. For whatever reason she probably feels that she must prove that she is better than you or at least looks better than you.

I just say leave it alone. If you show any signs that it's bothering you then you're just hitting her level. The strongest message you can send to her and everyone else (who notices) is If you can walk and act confidently around her like she doesn't phase you one bit.

In the end, it's only going to eat her up inside and ruin her. If she really has that much jealousy and resentment for you then there's only so long she can withstand.

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