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I LOVE it when a girl/guy...

This is the counter-thread of:

I figured if there's a post focused on the negatives, there sure better be on on the POSITIVES. So post your own here, "I love it when a girl/guy..." and list as many as you like! I'll start:

I love it when a girl says things like "Wow, you are GOOD!"
I love it when a girl gives me a massage when we wake up in the morning.

Kyle Miracle

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StillFiguringasdfaItOutover a year ago

Wow... so many things to love... but I'll go with one I miss that seems rare

I love a spontaneous passionate kiss... that one out of nowhere (if it's a little dirty with a mischievous grin, like a promise... even better)


scarlettewiththeropeover a year ago

-I love it when a guy gives you a random compliment... ones that are non-sexual are especially appealing :)
-I love it when a guy does something for no other reason than making you happy, even if he doesn't like it (not gonna lie, sometimes especially if he doesn't like it... yes I know that's wrong lol)
-I love it when a guy likes to kiss (making out just for the sake of making out... so good!)
-I love it when a guy actually listens
-I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when a guy gives me control of what we watch, lol
-When he takes control during sex, and is still generous with it :)
-When a guy shows you he's his own person by not caring what others think (within reason)
-When a guy is very upfront about things... I don't want to find out anything in the 11th hour
-When he's there for you even when it's not convenient
-When a guy is helpful... it might be the cavewoman part of me but I like a guy that makes himself useful
-When his sexual appetite is as strong as mine

Oh, and I might add...
-I love it when a GUY says things like "Wow, you are GOOD!"
-I love it when a GUY gives me a massage when we wake up in the morning.

LOL :)

Kyle Miracle

Kyle Miracleover a year ago

I love it when a girl:

- texts me randomly with something funny, witty or just nice/pleasant
- plays hard to get (PLAYS hard to get, but can still be real with me later)
- is confident
- competes with me
- thinks she is leading the interaction ;)
- knows she's good at something and isn't afraid to let it be known (in a non-cocky way)
- can socialize comfortably

And I really REALLY love it when a girl can just be a girl :)



TheDudeover a year ago

I love it when a girl:...

- Can dance. I mean really dance. When she can move her hips, grind, get into it, and its all about me.
- Still acts like a gril but can hang with the guys
- doesn't get worked up over drama
- Can laugh at herself
- Is open minded and is willing to try anything
- Is sexually comfortable and wants to have fun and try new things
- Just knows how to go with the flow

Great question Kyle


Kinksterover a year ago

I love it when a guy...

-holds my hand around his friends. Some girls complain that their men are different people when around his friends. I love it when he's secure enough to show a little affection.
-isn't shy about what he likes. This goes for clothes, positions, kinks, etc. I want to know what turns my guy on.
-isn't afraid to be manly. A hairy chest, natural smell (not BO or anything, just how they smell), even a little scruff is a huge turn-on.
-treats me like an equal. This may just be me, but a guy doesn't always have to open doors and pull out chairs, that just makes me feel self-conscious. Politeness is one thing, smothering gentleman-ness is another.
-is honest. If I ask you if my butt looks big, it's because I want to know, not because I'm setting a trap for you. Ladies, please don't set traps, that's just being bitchy.
-makes unconventional proclamations of affection. I'm a sucker for mix tapes, messages in shower steam, hell, you could even hold up a boombox outside my window and I'd melt. It shows he's thinking outside the box of chocolates. Anyone can pick up a bouquet, it takes someone special to rearrange your stuffed animals so they're all holding signs that say 'Your boyfriend loves you.'


wonderGurlover a year ago

I love it when my he says I'm pretty and he loves me for who i am

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